Attention Women 45+: Struggling to pass a bowel movement, dealing with weight gain, bloat and a "pushed out belly"

How a child’s birthday party led one lady to discover the

"PiePlant" Cleanse 

That relieved 8lbs of Backed Up Poop

...AND flattened her lower belly virtually overnight

“Mommy, Why is your tummy always popping out like a balloon?”

That is what my 5 year old daughter said in front of all the parents at her birthday party.

I felt my blood rushing to my head because I was so embarrassed…

Everyone at the party stopped and looked at my belly.

I wished I could have just run away and hide...

I know that Ellie is only 5 years old and doesn’t know better.

But this was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.

Little did I know that this shameful incident would lead me to a groundbreaking discovery.

A discovery that would change not only my life...but the life of thousands of women across the country.

Because of it, we might be entering the “flat belly era”...

Where women brim with confidence because their bodies look like they are in their early twenties.

So, if you want to:

  • Get rid of your “pushed out tummy” that makes you look ridiculous in bodycon dresses
  • ​Release up to 8 pounds of belly weight almost overnight
  • ​Feel yourself brimming with confidence because you finally fit into pants from 7 years ago
  • ​Rekindle the flame in your relationship (my husband can’t keep his hands off of me)!
  • ​Get envious stares from fellow moms at any children’s birthday party
  • ​Have a smile on your face every time you look into the mirror…

Then keep reading because I will reveal how I achieved all of that...and how you can too.

You see, before Ellie’s birthday party, I tried everything to lose my excess weight.

I hated how I looked and I knew that the other moms would be talking about me.

Every time I looked down, there was my pushed out tummy.

It was so noticeable that it made me sick.

It was sticking out like I was 5 months pregnant.

I was already upset and overwhelmed leading up to the party.

I tried everything I could to make my stomach look smaller.

I worked out in the mornings before I dropped off Ellie at the kindergarten.

I started drinking gallons of water…

Tried every green drink I could find…

But my stubborn, hard belly fat wouldn’t budge.

Next I tried weight loss pills and popular powders advertised on TV.

It seemed promising but once again, nothing happened.

It seemed like my pushed out belly was meant to be attached to me forever.

Little did I know that I wasn’t just dealing with belly fat…

I glanced down at my stomach as I was slouched over and I got mad.

Really mad.

It was just too noticeable that it made me sick.

It was sticking out like I was 5 months pregnant.

I was already upset and overwhelmed leading up to the party.

I tried everything I could to make my stomach look smaller.

But, I wasn’t just dealing with belly fat…

I finally hit rock bottom….

As my stomach got bigger and bigger my confidence got smaller and smaller…

And my husband noticed too.

I didn't feel good about myself and didn't feel good in general.

And this reflected onto my husband

Our sex life started to halt.

I just didn't feel good and he knew that so he didn't try to “get anything going”

It made me feel absolutely terrible. Like I wasn’t desirable anymore...

That night after the party, I walked out of the bathroom and went right up to my husband and told him what happened.

I explained to him that I just couldn't do this anymore with how I felt about myself.

I really wanted him to say something magical to me and make it all go away.

Just make me feel like myself again.

But instead he said..

“Hun, I love you no matter what you look like”

This was nice of him...

But what I really heard was…

“It’s true, you’ve gained weight around your belly. It’s popping out more now. I accept it though.”

But I couldn't hold it against him.

It was the truth.

My confidence was wrecked. I had no faith in myself. I had no idea how to restore my broken self esteem.

I couldn’t sleep, so I took my phone and started browsing the internet.

And then it happened...

I finally discovered what was wrong with me!

If you are reading this because you have a stubborn pushed out tummy as well…

Then please read the next section with your full attention.

What I’m about to reveal could change your life...and give you your confidence and zest for life back.

What I discovered was…

I was never actually fat.
I was bloated.

What I didn't realize all this time was that I was constipated.

And because of this, it was making me look so much bigger around my belly.

It was also causing me to have extreme discomfort...

I just didn’t know the reason!

I had pain throughout my lower back.

And I felt like my kidneys were failing on me.

But the worst part for me was the size of my stomach. It was hard and distended.

It made me look fat. 

I just felt how everyone was noticing it when they would talk to me.

It looked so pushed out, I didn't even want to wear any of my normal shirts anymore.

And no amount of exercise or dieting would change that…

Because, as I know now, fat wasn’t the problem.

I was carrying over 8 pounds of stored up poop with me.

And that’s because I was backed up with essentially toxic waste that was not good for my insides and made me look like a balloon on the outside.

I could literally let a week go by and I would have gone to the bathroom once if I was lucky.

Little did I know that anyone could be carrying around anywhere from 5 to 15 pounds of poop in their intestines!

And if this is left to build up in your colon, you will start to experience health problems such as constipation, chronic fatigue, skin conditions, depression and weight gain. 

There were a lot of things I had to deal with during this.

Things like:

Sitting on the toilet waiting forever for something to happen.

I often would get hemorrhoids because I was pushing so hard that I could feel the blood rushing to my head. (Sorry, just being honest about it).

I felt like I was carrying a weighted ball in my stomach

But discovering all this was also the start of…

Ridding my body of toxic poop that was making me bloated, hold weight, self conscious and downright unhealthy. 

I knew I needed to make a change. 

Not not only for myself but for my husband and our children.

I needed to set an example for them too.

But now that I finally know the reason for my pushed out belly…

It would be easy to get rid of it, right?

Oh boy was I wrong!

I tried traditional solutions for constipation.

And what I found out was, it only made things worse…

Because when I would go, it would really go!

It wasn’t what I wanted because I was only able to go to the bathroom as long as I took the laxative.

After I stopped it, I would start getting bloated again.

I was just as frustrated as before.

I would get a little relief and then backed up again...

Next, I tried all the advice from different articles that I read…

Like eating certain berries and drinking tons of water.

But nothing really worked.

I tried stool softener-this and laxative-that, but nothing made me feel better.

And like I said, the stuff that worked, worked too much and I found myself stuck in the bathroom.

It came to a point where I had to use this stuff all the time which was extremely inconvenient.

And it was causing a lot of irritation.

This was not a solution.

This was only a temporary fix to a continuous problem.

I was back to being miserable.

It came to a point where I had to use this stuff all the time which was extremely inconvenient.

And it was causing a lot of irritation.

This was not a solution.

This was only a temporary fix to a long lasting problem.

I was back to being miserable.

Until I stumbled across the “PiePlant” cleanse

I want to tell you everything about my discovery because I’m confident that it will change your life.

After discovering this, I finally understood what was really going on in my body…

And how to get rid of the pushed out belly, toxic poop and low self esteem for good.

With the “PiePlant” cleanse…

I had finally gotten back to my normal bowel movements. 

I was going to the bathroom daily!
It was gone! All of the build up causing me problems was gone!

The bloat, weight gain and "pushed out" belly... Gone!

When I go to the bathroom, I am in and out. 

I am not in there pushing for 30 minutes.

I didn't have to take all these nasty drinks and sticky powders.

Or do anything really weird that made me uncomfortable.

I literally saw my stomach get smaller within days.

In a moment I am going to show you how I stumbled upon this “PiePlant” cleanse…

The first I ever heard anything about this “PiePlant” cleanse, I had no idea what this was or meant.

But tons of others were talking about this in a private group I was in.

All I kept hearing were things like

“Two days into the PiePlant cleanse and wow, what a difference”

“Finally went to the bathroom only hours after using it”

“My lower stomach is deflating”

“I’ve lost 7 pounds in 10 days and feel so much better”

They were talking about an herbal medicine specialist who seemed to be the person behind this special cleanse.

Apparently, it was inspired by his wife's own problems being backed up and having extra belly weight.

I was skeptical at first…

But I was curious to know more about who this person they called “Dino” was.

So I looked him up...

And it turns out he is a certified Herbal Medicine Specialist through the University of Minnesota.

And was trained by Dr. Amy Taylor, who is a board certified Emergency Medicine/integrative medicine physician.

More importantly, Dino has dedicated the past 10 years to creating natural health formulas for different health conditions.

I was pretty impressed.


Dino Scrivani

Herbal Medicine Specialist 
Founder of Dinosaur Nutrition USA

Dr. Amy Taylor

Board-Certified Emergency Medicine/integrative medicine physician.

More importantly, Dino has dedicated the past 10 years to creating natural health formulas for different health conditions.

I was pretty impressed.


I reached out to the others in the group and asked them more info about the “PiePlant” cleanse.

But what they said to me was startling.

“We would love to give you more info but it will be hard to get your hands on it right now.”

It is a new solution that was not actually out yet...

It was in it’s testing phase.

Apparently Dino was creating something to help those with bloating, weight gain, swollen looking bellies and stored toxic poop.

He created it for his wife and it worked wonders.

Then he released a handful of “PiePlant” cleanses to a private group where other natural holistic consumers were.

Was I too late? Would I never get my hands on this ‘miracle’ solution?

I wanted to reach out to him directly.

"I was going to find a way to fight back against my pushed out belly for good…"

But I ran into a major problem.

He wasn't in the group anymore...

So I decided to find out how to contact Dino directly.

I couldn't find any phone number for him, no office number...


But what I did find was an email of his in the group.  

I emailed the address and said “Hey, my name is Michelle. Do you have a few minutes to talk? Here is my number…”

No reply.

A few days went by and still no reply.

So I sent another one a week later basically saying the same thing.

And I got nothing.

So I went back to the group and asked around again.

I found it crazy how everyone got their hands on this “PiePlant” cleanse but can’t get in touch with him?

Suddenly, I felt doomed.

I felt like that was it.

I was going to have to just hang around until this thing became available...

If that ever happens. Even then, how would I get it?

But then I realized that I was in this group on social media.

If I would find him anywhere, it would be on social media!

I searched for a couple of hours trying to sort out different names to hopefully find a profile that would match his description.

I found one that looked like it would be him and sent a message.

I said, "Hey, is this Dino Scrivani with the PiePlant"?

A message came back within minutes.

It read "Nope, no idea what you are talking about"

I continued searching for a while longer and found another one that could be him.

“Is this Dino who is certified in Herbal Medicine and created a product called “ PiePlant” to help his wife’s bloating and stomach issues”?



I was just about to give up...

I said “It is what it is”

It just isn't meant to be.

I’ll have to live with the drinks and messy powders I had tried before.

But then it happened.

A few days later I was sitting in my living room while the kids were playing, when it happened…

My phone buzzed…

I looked at the screen...

A new message from Dino…


His message read:

 “Yes, this is Dino and yes, the PiePlant Cleanse is my new natural solution to help people with irregular bathroom visits, bloating, digestion and healthy weight loss. We are getting ready to make it available to everyone” 

I was ecstatic

He then said...

“Michelle, I replied to your emails. Sorry, that was an old address of mine that I am not active with now”

This just solidified everything.

Because I was still worried as to who I was actually talking to.

I was sooo relieved after he sent that.

I asked him why it was called the “PiePlant” and what it was about...

“The name comes from a special, ancient vegetable that helps with getting rid of bloating.

 We initially called it “CB3 PiePlant Cleanse” but online it became known as just “PiePlant Cleanse”.

Dino explained further that his Cleanse is made from a combination of Colon helping Botanicals. 

That's where the CB comes from. 

And the 3 comes from the 3-phase effective approach that’s used within the formula.

People call it PiePlant because of a particular, heavily-studied vegetable he used.

It sounded amazing but I wanted to know more. 

How was this different from all the drinks, powders and potions I used before?

That’s when Dino said:

“First we have to understand why the bloating is happening at all"

Usually, it’s because your colon absorbs too much water from your poop. As a result, the waste in your body becomes dry…

As a result, the waste in your body becomes dry…

It sounded amazing but I wanted to know more. 

How was this different from all the drinks, powders and potions I used before?

That’s when Dino said:

“First we have to understand why the bloating is happening at all"

Usually, it’s because your colon absorbs too much water from your poop. As a result, the waste in your body becomes dry…

And it becomes extremely hard to push it out of your body.

In other words, the food you eat moves through your stomach too slowly…

Too much water gets absorbed and the dry waste gets stuck.

After a while it becomes visible because your belly looks pushed out.”

Ok, I thought to myself, but how does all of this explain why everything I tried didn’t work?

And how was the PieCleanse different?

That’s when Dino explained to me that most laxatives out there are high in fiber.

But fiber by itself is not an effective treatment.

That’s because fiber needs to meet certain conditions in order for it to be effective.

This is why improving constipation isn’t as simple as “eating more fiber.”

Because it isn’t about more fiber...

It’s about more of the right fiber..

And here are the 2 conditions the right fibers meet. 

A direct quote from the study:

“For an isolated fiber to exert a laxative effect/regularity benefit, it must remain intact throughout the large intestine, and it must increase stool water content, which is the primary mechanism for both stool bulking and stool softening (McRorie & McKeown,

What this meant was that…

-It must remain intact through the large intestine, without being absorbed by the body.


-It must increase the water content of your stool.

In other words…

The right fiber helps your body to digest faster. 

Your colon absorbs less water and visiting the toilet becomes easy.

I was fascinated with what Dino shared with me.

I wished I had known all of this sooner…

It would have saved me from a lot of pain.

That’s the sole reason I’m sharing this with you…

I want you to suffer less than I did.

So if you think the PiePlant Cleanse could help you, please keep reading.


There was one final question…

We know now that we need the fiber to survive the journey through our large intestines…

And add water to our stool.

What kind of fiber meets these conditions?

Well the study that Dino used for his PiePlant Cleanse goes even further.

It highlights one special kind of fiber that meets these 2 conditions.

Gel-forming fibers are what they're called.

Another direct quote from the study:

“Clinical studies have shown a mechanism by which an isolated
fiber can exert a laxative effect: soluble gel‐forming fiber (e.g.,
nonfermented psyllium) retains its high water‐holding capacity
to resist dehydration throughout the large bowel (McRorie,
2015b). This mechanism results in bulky/soft/easy‐to‐pass

Gel-forming fibers carry so much water, that it doesn't lose hydration through the large intestine.

And that’s how it brings water to your stools and softens them.

And when Dino discovered this...

He and his wife started testing a popular gel-forming fiber…

Psyllium (made from seeds from a Eurasian plant).

And he thought that was it.


There was another problem.

People hated drinking psyllium. 

They said it was grainy, chalky and just gross. 

Here’s a picture of what they had to drink everyday:

Next, Dino thought about psyllium pills.

But there were more problems.

The pills were big, and hard to swallow...

And you had to take a lot of them to obtain the benefits.

Depending on the formulation, his wife would have to take 10 to 20 a day to get results.

That was way too expensive…

Plus who has time to take 20 pills throughout the day?

So, Dino went back to the drawing board.

Looking for more beneficial gel-forming fibers…

And in his research, he came across Medicago sativa

Medicago sativa is a perennial plant that grows in temperate climates and sends its roots up to 20-30 feet deep into the ground!

It is super rich in Fiber.

The kind of fiber that we need for carrying water - gel forming. 

And it has been used for centuries to treat many different health conditions including constipation and bloating.

These fibers are not only able to bulk up the stool and speed up its movement through the bowels.

But it can also reduce inflammation in the gut.

The presence of digestive fiber and digestive enzymes in Medicago sativa is of humongous benefit to our digestion.

Medicago sativa also helps to reduce cholesterol and aid in weight loss by increasing satiety (a feeling of fullness).

This makes it a great "big brother" to Psyllium

And when Dino and his wife used these two botanicals together...

Not only did they experience less bloating.

They noticed even more weight loss.

But Dino didn't want to stop here.

What he said he did next was interesting.

He noticed that these botanicals worked wonders but he needed something else.

Because these botanicals worked well. 

Yes, they help with frequent bathroom trips…

But they didn’t address the core of the issue.

Which means, although psyllium and Medicago sativa help with water-carrying fibers…

We also need to make sure the foods we eat get broken down properly.

This is crucial for balanced bowel movements and bloating.

So he added a special ingredient called “Lactobacillus acidophilus” 

Lactobacillus acidophilus is one of the most common types of probiotics and can be found in fermented foods and yogurt.

Its name gives an indication of what it produces — lactic acid. 

It does this by producing an enzyme called lactase. 

Lactase breaks down lactose, a sugar found in milk, into lactic acid.

In a study with 60 people it was shown how it reduced bloating.

It helped with easing abdominal pain, bloating and unusual bowel movements.

At this point, Dino was quite confident with his formulation.

But then he discovered something that blew his mind...

The 5,000 year old "PiePlant" Ingredient...

Dino recognized a plant that was nicknamed "PiePlant" and was first used around 2700BC and offered an array of healthy benefits to the stomach.

And according to Chinese legend, ‘Divine Farmer' Shen Nong noted that it could be used to cure diarrhea' as early as 2800BC

This plant has a long history for treating digestion and bloating.

It is often referred to for its subtle yet effective laxative properties, which are used to ease bowel discomfort and promote regularity. 

It’s been known to help reduce strain during bowel movements and, in turn, can help ease the pain of hemorrhoids.

This plant can also help treat gastrointestinal discomfort that comes from constipation and diarrhea. 

And arguably could be the oldest medicinal plant used today and spoken about in historical literature. 

It's called...

Rheum rhabarbarum

Known mainly as Rhubarb. 

It received its nickname "PiePlant" because it’s often used to make pies because of its special taste.

But it’s so much more than an ingredient for baking…

The first documented uses in western civilization are 2,100 years ago when the roots were an ingredient in numerous Greek and Roman medicines.

But rhubarb has also been studied by modern scientists.

One study was conducted on burn patients at the Burn Treatment Center of Shanxi Province.

To assess how Rheum rhabarbarum could ease abdominal discomfort.

And promote a healthy and normal digestion process.

The study focused on the relief of bloating and stomach discomfort while also promoting regularity.

After the study was finished, they found that the plant does protect the intestines....

But what was even more interesting to find was that the "PiePlant" can literally act as a superpower. 

It does this by promoting the healing of the inner lining of the intestinal tract.

"Rhubarb can maintain or restore the barrier function of the intestinal mucosa and prevent gut microbiota from shifting"

Essentially, this plant allows your digestion and bowel process to function regularly while offering serious protection from harm.  

It truly is a magnificent plant.

And there's no denying the reason why this "PiePlant" has been the "Go-to" herbal remedy for thousands of years. 

This is why Dino made it the "key" ingredient and staple in his cleansing formula.  

These ingredients worked!! And they worked wonders…

After talking with Dino for quite some time about how he created this and was making it available soon, I asked him if I could try it.

I couldn’t believe it, he said yes!!

He told me he would send me the capsules and he explained how the whole “CB3” process worked.

After all…

What Dino created wasn’t just a capsule. 

It was a special formula that helps to restore your digestion, rid your body of extra toxic weight gain and eliminate a "pushed out belly"

He told me:

“When you get the capsules just take 2 capsules each day, morning and night, for 7 days”

“Each morning with your first meal and each evening with your last meal”

"This formula is designed to be taken in cycles. 2 weeks on and 4 weeks off".

This way, your body does not get accustomed to these ingredients and they always work.

Now believe it or not, a part of me was still skeptical.

Probably because I had tried so much in the past and nothing ever worked.

But I was willing to try the “PiePlant” Cleanse.

Did the “PiePlant” Cleanse work for me?

So, 6 days had gone by and long behold - the mailman delivered a bubble package.

There they were.

Safe and Secure.

I took them but...

Throughout the day I didn't notice anything different.

I started to get a little spooked.

Was it another failure?

But Dino did say it took around 24 hours to notice, so I tried to be patient.

I got home around 8pm and had the sudden urge to go to the bathroom.


That was the first time in forever I had an extremely satisfying bathroom visit

I couldn't believe I was that backed up!

There was so much...

And afterwards, I felt completely empty and relieved.

It was amazing.

Like a weight lifted off my shoulders but it was actually emptied from my Colon! lol!

And when I finished all 24 capsules, I realized this was finally it.

I dropped over 8 pounds... directly from my belly!

That’s how much toxic waste had been in me…

I’ll never forget it…

My husband and I were laying in bed and he went…

“Michelle, whatever you are doing is really working. You look great, sweetheart. You must feel way better”

The next morning we were having coffee leaning against the counter and he just stared at me (looking me up and down) 

And said “Wow, you’ve slimmed right up so fast - It's unbelievable”

…"Your Stomach doesn't feel so hard anymore when I hold you"

I told him thank you as I kissed him.

This was like an injection of confidence for me.

And it was a huge win for our relationship.

Then our daughter came running out and wedged between us (as she always does) 

and said…

“...Mommy, you don't have a balloon in your belly anymore”

It was the best thing I could’ve heard.

“You did it! It’s gone forever Michelle.” My husband said

He couldn’t keep his hands off me...

And I was so proud of myself.

So the next morning, I messaged Dino…

He messaged me later that day.

He said “Hey, Michelle! Welcome to the PiePlant club”

He also told me that he was almost ready to release his formula to the public.

He wanted to get constructive feedback from people using his formula before making it available for everyone...

Although it worked wonders for his wife, he needed others to try it.

“This is how I craft all of my health formulas. I create, give it away, listen and improve it. That’s what my model is at Dinosaur Nutrition USA”

And when he put it to me that way, it actually made a lot of sense.

I also learned that Dinosaur Nutrition USA was his company behind his health formulas.

His wife called him "Dinosaur" for years and that's what he decided to name his health formulation business.

Some time has passed since then and guess what?

If you’re struggling to have a bowel movement like I did…

If your tummy looks pushed out and you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes…

If you cry yourself to sleep because you feel unattractive - just like I did…

Let me first say it again: “You’re not fat. It’s just backed up waste in your stomach.”

And there is a reliable solution…

Try the “PiePlant" formula COLOBOTAN 3X

Imagine the sheer relief the next time you’re in the bathroom and can actually let go of months of backed up poop...

Getting rid of all that extra toxic waste inside...

Reducing hours on the toilet, to easy minutes...

You’re able to lose pounds, feel lighter, and look slimmer...

Wear your favorite shirts or even bodycon dresses.

Because your bloating has decreased.

And you’re able to keep it off.

How would you feel?

After getting rid of all that gunk inside responsible for that sinister belly bump...

And get your sweet revenge. Watching it deflate over days, as if you popped it with a pin.

You deserve this.

For years, COLOBOTAN 3X has been tried and trusted by thousands of happy customers

"Within 1 week my stomach has nearly flattened and I am down 6lbs!"

Kelly B

South Carolina

"The results speak for themselves. COLOBOTAN 3X is amazing"

Lynne K

New York

"Literally a night and day difference! What a Godsend"

Tabitha M


It’s easy and effective

You don’t need to take 10 to 20 pills a day...

We both know that isn’t feasible.

And you won’t ever have to make an embarrassing laxative purchase at the checkout counter...

You don’t need to be up and down on the toilet all day from those Laxatives either...

Because COLOBOTAN 3X contains the safest dose of botanicals that powerfully normalizes your stools.

And it’s so relieving.

COLOBOTAN 3X is packed with 9 other constipation and bloat-fighting ingredients.

You see, Dino decided he was going to make his secret available to anyone...

He said he wanted to go all out.

And make it as effective as possible.

So he held nothing back.

He was working on making COLOBOTAN 3X even more powerful and created a new and improved advanced formula.

And it’s absolutely mind blowing.

He’s added 9 more ingredients with a lot of interesting research behind them.

Such as aloe vera, oat, buckthorn, and many more.

And it took months of trial-and-error, but he finally created the perfect combination.

And today, you’ll find ALL of them in COLOBOTAN 3X…

Now how do you use COLOBOTAN 3X for the best results?

My favorite thing about COLOBOTAN 3X is you don’t need a lot.

You only need to take 2 capsules at morning and at night, with a glass of water.

The capsules are small and digestible.

You can also take two with each meal...

Because of the added benefit of the digestive breakdown that happens with these botanicals.

And soon enough, you can experience the relief I know you’re looking for.

I’m excited for you.

Now here’s the thing…

Since releasing COLOBOTAN 3X to the world, it's been in very high demand.

Like really high demand.

Out of stocks are real and happen regularly

And that’s why in a moment, I’ll show you how to guarantee you don’t miss out on his new formula.

So you don’t have to struggle for another 8 to 12 weeks, while waiting on a restock.

I also want to show you how you can spend a lot less money on improving your constipation, belly bloat and weight loss than most.

Because let’s be honest: Most of our health insurance doesn’t cover those over-the-counter medications.

So the more we can save, the better.

Even though you’d likely agree you can’t really put a price on feeling relieved, confident, and in control.

Instead of bearing down in agony for hours...

Or losing your bowel control to laxatives…

Most people resort to these uncomfortable methods because they feel like it’s their only option.

And unfortunately, many people will continue experiencing this because they don’t know that another way exists.

They don’t know about the "PiePlant" Cleanse.

But you do.

Which means, you don’t have to go through this anymore.

And the good news is, if you’re ready for that to end...

Then I want to show you how you can get your first few bottles of COLOBOTAN 3X absolutely risk free.

And I want to help you stock up as much as possible because…

The more COLOBOTAN 3X you have, the more "insurance" you will have as well.

You see, COLOBOTAN 3X is like your insurance policy for constipation.

If you keep cycling it, you’re always covered against it.

And it gives you permanent and long term peace of mind.

Wouldn’t it feel great to not just have a great bowel movement once…

But to continue experiencing belly flattening bowel movements month in and month out?

That’s why it’s recommended you get at least 3 bottles of COLOBOTAN 3X.

That's if the stock is available.

So if you’re serious about defeating your constipation then the time is now.

Right now, there are at least 500 bottles in stock.

And once they go, it’ll be a while before there’s more available.

So all you have to do to get your bottles now is select one of the options below.




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  • ​60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • ​Delivery time: 3-5 business days
60 Days Money Back Guarantee




  •  $117 + S&H 
  • ​3-Month Supply
  • ​60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • ​Delivery time: 3-5 business days

+ $9.95 Shipping

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

60-Day Two Month Money Back Guarantee

It's guaranteed you will start ridding your body of backed up waste and lose pounds in your belly within days.

The experts at Dinosaur Nutrition USA will get your order of COLOBOTAN 3X in the mail as soon as you reserve your bottle.

It usually takes just 3-5 business days to arrive.

When the delivery man knocks on your door, I’m sure you’ll want to tear open the package and try it for yourself right away.

So go ahead.

Dinosaur Nutrition USA has promised to offer you a full, prompt refund at any point within your first 60 days of purchasing COLOBOTAN 3X

They won’t ask you why.

Simply put, you ONLY pay if you’re totally convinced it works for you.

Sounds good? 

Then place your order of COLOBOTAN 3X by choosing from the six-month, three-month, or one-month options below. 

Just click on the package you want. 

You’ll be taken to an order page to review your order.




  • 1-Month Supply
  • ​60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • ​Delivery time: 3-5 business days

+ $9.95 Shipping

60 Days Money Back Guarantee




  •  $174 (HUGE Savings)
  • ​6-Month Supply
  • ​60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • ​Delivery time: 3-5 business days
60 Days Money Back Guarantee




  •  $117 + S&H 
  • ​3-Month Supply
  • ​60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • ​Delivery time: 3-5 business days

+ $9.95 Shipping

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

A future of confidence and bliss lies ahead - if you take action now

Right now you have an important choice to make.

You could simply close this page, forget about everything you just read and move on…

It would mean that you go back to your daily life with a “pushed out belly.”

Maybe you would try to find your own solution, like I did.

But from my personal experience I can tell you…

You’d lose a lot of time...and it is hard.

Trying embarrassing and uncomfortable solutions…

Feeling miserable any time you look into the mirror…

Avoiding social gatherings because you hate how you look…

It’s not the life you are meant to live.

Which brings us to your 2nd option…

Taking the plunge and trying the “PiePlant” Cleanse for yourself.

In only a short 5 days from now you could be taking your first capsule…

You may see results 12-24 hours later.

Days from now you can feel lighter and happier than ever before.

People around you start to notice and compliment you…

All you need to do is take action now and purchase your COLOBOTAN 3X.

I’ll see you inside the “PiePlant” club!




  • 1-Month Supply
  • ​60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • ​Delivery time: 3-5 business days

+ $9.95 Shipping

60 Days Money Back Guarantee




  •  $174 (HUGE Savings)
  • ​6-Month Supply
  • ​60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • ​Delivery time: 3-5 business days
60 Days Money Back Guarantee




  •  $117 + S&H 
  • ​3-Month Supply
  • ​60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • ​Delivery time: 3-5 business days

+ $9.95 Shipping

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

P.S. Please read this important message

Before this letter was sent out to thousands of American women like you, it was shown to friends and family. Some of them asked important questions about the product which I’ve answered below:
Q: Who is COLOBOTAN 3X for?

COLOBOTAN 3X is for anyone who’s struggling to poop. Anyone
having less than 1 bowel movement a day. And bloated, because
they’re full of waste and carrying around extra belly weight.
Q: What makes COLOBOTAN 3X different from everything else I’ve tried to control my constipation?

COLOBOTAN 3X has Psyllium, Alfalfa, Rhubarb, Lactobacillus acidophilus in it along with 9 other synergistic ingredients.

Unlike any other fiber, it can hold many times its weight in water. This transports more water to the large intestines to soften stools and relieve constipation. 

COLOBOTAN 3X uses a gradual, 3-phase Herbal process to maximize results and minimize side effects. 

1. Healthy Digestion Supporting Herbs
2. Detoxifying Botanicals
3. Cleansing Bacteria

This makes the formula three times more effective. 
Q: What are the benefits again?

You can go from long, painful hours on the toilet... Feeling bloated...

Feeling lethargic and weighed down... Spending days up and down on the toilet from laxatives and suppositories...

Swallowing drinks that make you pinch your nose... or slipping in laxative/enema purchases at the checkout counter...

To normalize your stools... Turning hours on the toilet into easy minutes... Removing pounds of excess poop...

Feeling lighter and less frustrated... Feeling less bloated... 

And seeing your body improve, and confidence grow as the number on the scale descends.
Q: How many bottles should I order?

Order 1 bottle if you simply want to try out COLOBOTAN 3X.

Order 3 bottles if you want to get the best results with COLOBOTAN 3X. This is the recommended amount.

And if you want the best experience and to save the most money, then order 6 bottles. 

With ordering 6 bottles, you can give your body the best insurance. 

You'll always have relief by your side. 

And remember these deals are part of the current promotion. So be sure to place your order today before we either run out OR stop this promotion.
Q: Will the laxative effect make me have to use the restroom

No. You won't feel like you need to go constantly with
COLOBOTAN 3X. But it will improve your stool frequency.
Q: What are common side effects of COLOBOTAN 3X?

For first time users whose systems are not used to COLOBOTAN 3X,
you may experience more frequent bowel movements. If this happens, cut
your dosage in half. And increase gradually over your cycling period.
Q: Are the capsules hard to swallow?

No. The capsules are small and easy to swallow.
Q: How much COLOBOTAN 3X should I take?

Take 2 capsules twice a day with a glass of water. Preferably with a meal. Or as otherwise directed by a healthcare professional.
Q: How long will one bottle last?

One bottle will last for 15 days when taken as directed. Unless your healthcare provider has directed otherwise. There are 30 capsules per bottle.

It is advised to take for 15 days and then give your body 30 days off before starting again. 
Q: How long should I use COLOBOTAN 3X?

COLOBOTAN 3X is like your insurance policy against constipation, lower belly bloat and weight gain.

And it's safe to take regularly on a daily basis.

Its recommend to take for a period of 15 days and then giving your body 30 days off.

This is the typical cycle of COLOBOTAN 3X.

It works to promote healthy digestion and to maintain your ideal weight. For the best
results, take 4 capsules daily.
Q: Can COLOBOTAN 3X be taken on an empty stomach?

Yes. You can take COLOBOTAN 3X on an empty stomach, or at any time of day you wish. But it is advised to take with a meal because it helps break down foods as well. 
Q: What is the average amount of weight people lose?

This varies from person to person. Because it's a byproduct of how backed up a person is.

COLOBOTAN 3X helps cleanse your colon, which aids in weight loss.
Q: Is COLOBOTAN 3X safe?

Yes, COLOBOTAN 3X is formulated with a very safe dosage of ingredients.

And the finest ingredients that were carefully formulated and tested.
Q: I'm taking prescription medication. Will COLOBOTAN 3X
interfere with my medication?

COLOBOTAN 3X has been carefully formulated to not interfere with any medications, but we recommend that you always consult your physician in regards to any potential interactions. 
Q: Can I use COLOBOTAN 3X if I'm pregnant?

While COLOBOTAN 3X is safe, we recommend that you consult your physician before using any supplements during pregnancy or Nursing.
Q: Is COLOBOTAN 3X safe for children or teens?

While the ingredients for COLOBOTAN 3X are 100% natural and absolutely safe, this formula was developed for adults. So we don't recommend that you give it to children or teens.
Q: When will my product arrive?

For US orders, COLOBOTAN 3X ships within 48 hours, and arrives within 3-5 business days. For orders outside of the US, about 10-14 business days.
Q: Does COLOBOTAN 3X cause allergic reactions?

When introducing a new substance into the body allergic reactions can never be ruled out. Some may experience slight discomfort if they are relieving their body of a lot of waste. In that case, reduce the dosage to half and increase it gradually to the recommended dose over a period of 2 weeks.
Q: Is it safe to order online from your website?

Of course! We use a 256-bit secure ordering server where 100% of your data is encrypted, safe, and secure. Our secure shopping cart is verified by numerous 3rd-party security verification systems, including McAfee Secure, the leader in security scanning. So, you can rest assured that your information is 100% safe and secure at all times.
Q: What’s the shelf life?

The shelf life of COLOBOTAN 3X is 18 months.
Q: What are the ingredients inside COLOBOTAN 3X?
Q: Is it free of gluten, sugar, artificial flavors, and artificial colors?

Yes. COLOBOTAN 3X is gluten free and GMO Free. And it contains no artificial colors, or flavors. It is 100% Natural 
Q: What are the terms of the guarantee again?

You can enjoy COLOBOTAN 3X for the next 60 days! And if it doesn’t relieve you, send an email to our team. And we’ll send back today’s investment in full. No questions asked.

On top of that, you can keep the bottles. So you don’t have to mail anything back. All we ask is you give COLOBOTAN 3X to someone else in need if you don’t love it.
Q: How do I get started?

Select either the 6, 3, or 1 bottle option. The more you stock up, the more you save.




  • 1-Month Supply
  • ​60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • ​Delivery time: 3-5 business days

+ $9.95 Shipping

60 Days Money Back Guarantee




  •  $174 (HUGE Savings)
  • ​6-Month Supply
  • ​60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • ​Delivery time: 3-5 business days
60 Days Money Back Guarantee




  •  $117 + S&H 
  • ​3-Month Supply
  • ​60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • ​Delivery time: 3-5 business days

+ $9.95 Shipping

60 Days Money Back Guarantee






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